Linda Story, Organizing Consultant
Linda Story

My mission is to help you reach your goals for organizing your space, tasks and time. I translate your desire for order and beauty in your living or home office space into achievable steps. Your success is my goal, to free you to accomplish the things that matter most.

Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that you are taking time to find answers to your questions below. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What happens during the initial in-home appointment?

We’ll ask you to describe your organizing goals and priorities. We look at your physical space, and ask you to describe how you use those spaces in your daily life.

We outline practical solutions, customized to meet your needs and preferences. We demonstrate how you can achieve the new level of organization you want for your home.

Who uses organizing services?

  • Busy families trying to manage everyday chaos
  • Seniors moving to retirement communities or downsizing
  • Persons frustrated by an unworkable home office or work office
  • Home buyers or sellers seeking practical help in managing relocation
  • Anyone who has decided “the clutter has to go!”
  • Anyone whose personal space is not serving them well

How much time does organizing a room require?

The time required depends greatly on the speed with which you are comfortable making decisions, whether you’re free to move forward between appointments, and the breadth of the task.

Is your work confidential?

Yes. A client’s information will not be shared with anyone. We are bound by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Are you available for appointments during the day? Evening?

Our standard hours are 8:00 to 5 p.m., with some evening and weekend hours available. We make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs.

How do you charge?

Some services have a fixed price for a fixed time, and other services are charged by the hour.