Linda Story, Organizing Consultant
Linda Story

My mission is to help you reach your goals for organizing your space, tasks and time. I translate your desire for order and beauty in your living or home office space into achievable steps. Your success is my goal, to free you to accomplish the things that matter most.


When you organize, you are making room in your life for the people, events, and things that matter to you.

Easier accomplishment of daily tasks

Fewer misplaced documents, responses, correspondences
No more late payment penalties because the bill was lost

Less stress and more free time

Peace of mind in having a system for successfully managing everyday tasks
No searching for lost supplies, or recreating lost information

The most efficient use of your home

People can relax, talk and dine in spaces once covered with stacks of stuff
No dollars wasted on sheltering, heating and cooling “clutter”

Increased calm and beauty in your home

Enjoy coming home to an inviting, energizing personal space
Feel comfortable having guests over again

A maintainable clutter-free environment

Easily retrieve things you’ve put away
Stop buying duplicates because you can’t find what you have

Less time cleaning

A de-cluttered kitchen counter comes clean quickly
A clutter-free living room can be easily vacuumed and dusted

Be ready for big changes or life events

Fit comfortably into a smaller home
Downsizing becomes a manageable event