Linda Story, Organizing Consultant
Linda Story

My mission is to help you reach your goals for organizing your space, tasks and time. I translate your desire for order and beauty in your living or home office space into achievable steps. Your success is my goal, to free you to accomplish the things that matter most.


What Our Clients Say about Clear the Way Organizing

“Something very interesting about this process is that, as a very busy person, it's often difficult or impossible to imagine getting everything done in my worklife that I have to accomplish. Nonetheless, I can now see that by taking time to get organized with the help of Linda, I will absolutely be able to get way more accomplished, much faster and more efficiently. ”

R.K., Business owner

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your ongoing wisdom. It takes a while for a lesson to become a habit, but we keep trying, doing one thing at a time. Thanks for being such a huge big help in our lives.”

Couple actively downsizing home

"Your positive attitude and energetic presence were just what I needed as I set out to transform my cramped and cluttered desk into an efficient and attractive work area within my flower design studio. You brought new ideas for furniture, layout, and a filing system, and helped me get started on my makeover. I love my new office!"

S.C., Business Owner

“Your written presentation was very professional, comprehensive and carefully crafted to meet the goals and needs I expressed. Your enthusiastic sharing of ideas in our live follow-up session was infectious, definitely fed my momentum. I felt excited about the winds of change blowing the dust off my old stuff. It was interesting to note where my resistance started rising up—I consider that part of the process, actually a good sign that I’m being stretched. I could not have asked for more—excellent ideas, materials to review, and an action plan.”

S.A., Executive

“I hope you review with all your clients what they've accomplished, because as we do this, I am astonished! I knew there was chaos in my life, but I didn't realize how much I was having to struggle until the struggle was eliminated. I can hardly believe we've met and exceeded all my goals already. ”

B.K., Entrepreneur

“My moving from Ithaca would have been horrendous without your help. Your calm approach, your ideas and encouragement, were very comforting in taking the gigantic step of relocating. I can’t thank you enough for all the tips and information.”

C.M., Atlantic City

“Miraculously, I can again see my count and table tops and the surface of my floor, through the inspired intervention of Clear the Way. Linda is fearless and energetic. She rolls up her sleeves, braving dust, must, and rust, to help vanquish mountains of needless paper, stacks of extraneous flower pots and closets bulging with superfluous clothes. But not only that: she is kind and respectful of individual needs, and has a fantastic sense of humor that makes an otherwise tedious process even enjoyable!”

L.L., Professional

“I learned a lot about breaking jobs down into smaller tasks, as well as how important placement of items in the home can be in making them easy to find, use and put away again. Working with Clear the Way was a helpful and fun experience for me.”

S.B., Homeowner

“It feels so much better around here already. I'm really happy with our progress. It feels like it's moving in the right direction and that's a big relief. I don't feel so stressed out about it anymore; things are definitely coming along. It feels good to not be stuck. I really don't think I could do it on my own.”

D.W., Young Professional

“My husband and I have lived in our home for 43 years, and now we are both retired. We wish to move to a smaller space in a retirement community. Robin and Linda are helping us through this downsizing process. They are there for me, suggest priorities, and best of all, they know the answers to where our no-longer-needed items could best be used. Since we wish to donate to charity, they can suggest the place of greatest need, make the contact, list the items and even arrange for transportation.”

Homeowner, M.M., Ithaca

“I never would have thought of that brilliant idea in a hundred years! It's perfect!”

E.G., Professor

“I needed help with downsizing my mother's possessions as she moved. It was clear from the outset that Linda is a great listener, pragmatic, and was looking after my best interests. She instantly sized up the situation and gave me a series of options, then set about doing this under my instructions. A pleasure to work with -- polite, positive, cheery and professional. She is prompt and knowledgeable, speeding up the process of downsizing my mother's home. After I left, she took care of the things that I left behind. Got a massive job done in under a week. Rates are quite reasonable. I highly recommend her service.”

R.W. Manager

“Wow! I love the new arrangement of my home office. It looks great. Now everything is easy access, and I can find what I need.”

A.H., Author

“I so appreciated your insights, objectivity, sensitivity, expertise. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

A.B., Home seller