Linda Story, Organizing Consultant
Linda Story

My mission is to help you reach your goals for organizing your space, tasks and time. I translate your desire for order and beauty in your living or home office space into achievable steps. Your success is my goal, to free you to accomplish the things that matter most.

In Transition?

If you are preparing for a move...

You may be dreading all the decisions ahead, or feel overwhelmed by having to deal with a lifetime of possessions. Are you stressed by having to track all the changes, deadlines and decisions? We can help.

Clear the Way expedites decision-making about things, timelines, moving out and moving in.

Moving to another home?

Small or large, organized homes usually sell sooner and for a better price. Before you show your home for sale, let Clear the Way help you remove distracting clutter and arrange your furnishings to enhance your home’s attractiveness to prospective buyers.

Don’t pay to move things you no longer want or need. We expedite clear decision-making about things before your move. We’ll help get unwanted items sold, donated or recycled.

Downsizing for a move to a retirement community?

We plan as much of your successful move as you wish, and attend to as many details as you desire.

If all your possessions will not fit into your next home, we can help you move through the overwhelming decision-making, and find the appropriate destinations for treasures you decide to sell or donate.

We work as your advocates to track moving-related timelines, coordinate the moving day, and/or guide the functional arrangement of your furnishings for your new location.

If you are about to move into the Greater Ithaca area…

Let greater organization move into your new home with you. Skip the awkward year of getting moved in, when it’s difficult to find or use your possessions. We can assist you in getting your new home into smoothly-operating order.

We are happy to support your transition into the area with the names of appropriate service providers, expert craftspeople, repair persons, vendors and resources to fit your unique needs.