Linda Story, Organizing Consultant
Linda Story

My mission is to help you reach your goals for organizing your space, tasks and time. I translate your desire for order and beauty in your living or home office space into achievable steps. Your success is my goal, to free you to accomplish the things that matter most.


Clear the Way provides...

  • Individualized consultations
  • Customized organizing recommendations
  • Mentoring and skill transfer
  • Hands-on progress
  • Speaking engagements

Home Organization

If your home isn’t as functional as you need it to be, because of clutter or awkward arrangement, there’s hope. We can transfer skills to you, as we work together, that will:

  • bring refreshing order to your closets, attic or basement
  • add serenity to your bedroom
  • extend the efficiency of your home office
  • bring pleasure to the use of your kitchen
  • more easily manage your time, schedule, mail, bills, laundry, information
  • help you handle the “stuff you gotta keep”

Clutter Management

If you’re experiencing significant stress caused by clutter, we’ll help you master systems to de-clutter that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Need help sorting, prioritizing and putting away for easy retrieval? We bring the support of our know-how, energy and hands to support you in shifting from chaos to calm, with a customized plan for you and your physical setting.


Arriving in the Ithaca area? Start fresh with your things placed in such a way that they make your daily life easier. Ask for our practiced eye to spot the most advantageous placement for all the elements of your household, including more storage.

Leaving the area? Don’t pay to move things you no longer want. Call us early to help speed up effective sorting. Gain an organized home that will show well to potential buyers, and sell more quickly at its best price.


Whether you’re a college student headed for small quarters, or just moving to a different home, you’ll struggle if you move too much stuff. Even if you have about the right amount of furnishings, it’s important to use the space well, in ways that actually support your activities.  Before your move, we can plan for a comfortable fit and avoid aggravating mis-placements.

Downsizing for Retirement

Leaving a long-time home that is filled with precious things deserves considerate care. We specialize in personal attention, orderly progress and minimizing stress. Call on us to line up tasks in optimal order, track down the best resources to get done whatever needs to be done, and keep all the processes on track. Wonder what you can sell, or which agencies will accept what donations? Want to peacefully resolve family’s varied opinions about what you should do with your treasures? We’ll help clear the way.


To empower your organizing resolutions, reserve a time for your Clear the Way in-home assessment and consultation. You’ll see your home in the light of attainable possibilities and gain organizing recommendations specifically fitted to your priorities and your setting.